What are the treatment for neuropathy sufferers



Neuropathy is a pain that comes as a result of issues with the nerves usually the peripheral nerves. There are diverse causes of this condition. However, it is rather a distinct kind of pain, different from the conventional type that is often caused by burn, injury, pressure and much more.  are often unhelpful when it comes to this kind of pain. However, this form of pain is relieved by the use of antiepileptic and antidepressant medicines. Additionally, other techniques and medications can be used to ease the pain. The cause of neuropathy. Numerous conditions and factors may cause this painful issue and are listed below.


22jhhfjThis is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy since high blood sugar levels in individuals who have poorly managed diabetes can affect and damage nerves.
Deficiency in folate or B12 vitamin can also damage the nerves and cause this condition.Excess intake of alcohol is another factor.


Tight plaster casts and broken bones often put a lot of pressure straight on the nerves. Hereditary diseases like the Friedreich’s ataxia and the Charcot Marie syndrome.


Some infections like HIV, shingles, or even Lyme disease can cause damage to the nerves and as a result neuropathy pain arises.

  • Various inflammatory conditions
  • These conditions include coeliac and sarcoidosis diseases.


This form of pain can occur in individuals who have cancer like multiple myeloma and lymphoma


Various medication like chemotherapy and HIV drugs can cause peripheral nerves damage.

What are the treatment for neuropathy sufferers?If lab tests indicate that you are suffering from this condition, there are various treatments to opt for a successful journey to recovery.


The use of prescribed drugs is a common treatment practice that involves the use of medicines to ease the pain. However, there are many medications you can use. For instance, you can use pain relievers which happen to be over the counter drugs e.g. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat mild symptoms.

Another option is the use of anti-seizure medications like gabapentin and pregabalin designed to treat epilepsy can also relieve the nerve pain. You can also opt for tropical treatments like Capsaicin cream that has substances that are present in hot peppers that help to control this condition. Finally, the use of antidepressants also contributes to relieve the nerves pain.


33nsjusduVarious therapy sessions and procedures may also help. For instance, plasma exchange and intravenous immune globulin is a method that contributes in suppressing the immune system activity and might assist people with inflammatory conditions. Physical therapy can also be of use if you happen to have weak muscles, physical therapy helps to improve physical movement and overcome the pain.

Alternative medicine

Therapies like Acupuncture that involves inserting thin needles into various points of the body might lessen peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Alpha-lipoic acid has also been used for treatment in Europe for many years. And people with diabetes can find the use of certain herbs like evening primrose oil helpful to reduce the pain.